Need help programming your Radio Shack Pro-197 or Pro-106?

 Look no further!!!  We will program it for you.  Yes, no need to hassle and get frustrated any longer. We will program your scanner for you. As you know, programming the scanner by hand is nearly impossible to do. That is why we created this website, to help you program your scanner!  We decided to not let others go through the hassles that we did when we bought our scanner and tried to program it. We learned how to program the scanner, and now we want to offer you the services. We have several years experience in programming the scanners.

That means all your worries and hassles will be gone!  We will program your scanner to YOUR listening liking.  You tell us your area and what you want to listen too. And that is all you need to do!  Give us a few business days and we will send you the file to upload to your scanner and that is it!  We listen to what you want, we program it.


  1. Click on the “Buy Now” button below
  2. Pay the fee via paypal, credit card, debit
  3. During the check out tell us the following: Your state and city, what you like to listen too.
  4. Also provide an email address we can send you the file.
  5. Wait a couple business days (Usually way faster)
  6. Upload the file to your scanner using the software ARC500
    Note: You may need the cable CLICK HERE
  7.  That is it, have fun listening to your scanner


  • Bob J. From Illinois “Wow they programmed it fast and I was listening to my scanner in a few hours!”
  • Michelle P. from Hawaii “I am happy I found this site, thank you for the help”
  • Ben M. from New York “Simply amazing, this website is priceless. Worth every bit of it”
  • Nick O. from California “That was fast. They listened to everything I wanted, and I was listening in no time”
  • Lisa Q. from Florida “After my husband passed away I had no idea how to program my scanner. Thanks to you guys I am able to keep on listening”
  • Paul D. from Arkansas “THANK YOU SO MUCH”
  • Jessica S. from Arizona ” I never knew I could listen to so much. My ears are happy”
  • Ron Z. from Washington “That was fast! You guys rock”