Programming Your  Radio Shack Pro-197 & Pro-106 Police Scanners

Welcome, are you having issues on programming your scanner?  If so, no need to look any further!   I will program your scanner for you.  Yes, it is that simple.  You are probably asking yourself, how is this possible.  Let me explain.   When you hit the “BUY NOW” button below, just simply add your location and what you would like programmed into your scanner when you checkout.  Within 2-3 business days (Usually sooner)  I will send you a file, that you upload into your scanner.

Yes, it is that simple!

There are two things you will need, to upload our file into your scanner 

#1 Programming cable so you can upload the file into your scanner. CLICK HERE for more info on the programming cable.

#2  You will need the software to upload it. CLICK HERE for info on the software.  Download this, but do not install it until you are ready to upload the file. It gives you one free trial use. And you will be using the trial use to upload the file from us.

ONLY $40 
Why so cheap, because we want to help fellow scanner hobbyists!
Other sites charge as much as $250 to program your scanner.  But we only charge $40

We accept credit cards and paypal payments.

Note: We only send the Arc500 file, so you can upload it into your scanner. You will need to purchase the programming cable and software. We only program for the lower 48 states and program it for any county or city within the lower 48. 


About Me

My name is Rickie. I have been in the scanner hobby 33 years. I am a hardcore police scanner hobbyist. I created this website, so I can help fellow scanner hobbyist program their scanners. The Pro-197 and Pro-106 are a very hard scanner to program. I learned how to program it, after several weeks sitting down and having the patience to learn it. I figured, why would others have to go through this, when I can help them program their scanner and within seconds the file would be uploaded into their scanners and be listening to what they want too.  So here I am, ready to help you program your scanners :)


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